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LifeMusix Entertainment is a Singapore based events management and organizing company that promotes Kpop within Singapore. The company is founded in 2016 by an ardous Kpop fan.


The company mainly brings in idols that are new to the industry in Korea but with growth potential. With an increasing popularity of Kpop Hallyu wave spreading globally, this has lead to an increase in new idol groups debuting. Hence, our calendar will be filled with various boy and girl groups coming to Singapore to promote their top-singles.


LifeMusix Entertainment is built on 4 pillars – Business Partners, LifeMusix Ent, Fans & Idols.

LifeMusix Entertainment mission and vision to work closely with various Kpop idol groups management to bring about a greater awareness of Kpop music in Singapore and at the same time ensuring that the Singapore fans would get the best experience from the event at affordable prices.

LifeMusix Entertainment has been registered under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore.

Business Registration No: 53345896W

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